Apple pats itself on back with WWDC AppStore banner

Apple usually isn’t shy about its products or its services. Case in point, the first WWDC banner displayed in San Francisco’s Moscone Center pays homage to the AppStore’s unrivalled success in the past year. The banner declares that “One Year Later” Apple’s AppStore is “Light Years Ahead.” If that’s not classic Apple-style, we don’t know what is.


Photo credit: Adam Jackson

For those not all caught up on their Apple news, the iPhone’s AppStore recently surpassed the 1 billion downloads mark with ease. Less than a year after its launch, iPhone customers downloaded over 1 billion iPhone (and iPod Touch) applications from the AppStore. That kind of adoption is still just a twinkle in the eyes of Nokia and BlackBerry.

Well done, Apple. Continue patting yourselves on the back.

  • xShadow

    More like years behind, other phone have better features and high end spec! Only thing apple have is their crazy ifans that would follow them blindly!

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