BlackBerry Car Visor Speakerphone Released

A really cool official BlackBerry accessory we’ve seen glimpses of here and there is now available to order: the BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone. The visor mount acts as a waypoint between your BlackBerry and your car stereo system by communicating with your handheld by Bluetooth, and then shunting audio out to your car’s speakers by FM transmission, a better music and call experience while on the road. A simple single-button control lets you take, make, and end calls without fumbling with your phone, and with a little bit of learning, you can redial, mute and ignore calls using the same single button. Here are a few pictures, but I’ll be taking it for a test drive shortly, and will update the post to let you know how it goes. If you’re already sold, you can pick one up soon from for $99.99. My initial impressions are that it will probably only work with BlackBerry (a shame, since this would be a fine accessory for any Bluetooth-capable phone) and the price point seems a little steep.

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