Ev from Vodafone: Nokia N97 Mini to come out later this year

Huge props to Ricky Cadden from MobileBurn for pinging me on Skype to tell me about this rumor. Someone on the Vodafone Ireland Forums who is a moderator and has the username “Ev from Vodafone” recently posted this message:

Vodafone Ireland will not be launching the N97 but will be launching the N97 Mini later this year. Due to the N97 Mini’s competitive pricing, we feel that it will appeal to a wider segment of consumers.

Another operator has exclusivity on the Palm Pre so we are not able stock it.

I can say that we are going to Launch the N97 mini as mentioned above and the Storm 2 though.

In one message that may lose him his job, and stop potential N97 buyers from opening their wallets, we have yet another device to look forward to this year.

Screenshot in case Ev decides to erase his mistake:

Click for full size (1680 x 1050)

Click for full size (1680 x 1050)

Update: I sent a tweet to @VodafoneIreland:

And received this tweet as a response:

Yet at the same time, Ev’s post confirming the N97 Mini has been deleted.

Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe we have a mystery on our hands!

  • munkimatt

    I would suspect it’ll be another QWERTY based Nseries, I can’t see an “N97 mini” being released, but still…big leak.

  • shah

    Mini my ass !!!
    screen needs to grow,..not the other way,…
    And that too no D-Pad???? u kidding me???
    I wudnt grab it for even for half price to N97,…
    I m planning to grab N97-Regular this week,…
    so shuff the mini back to where it came from,…we want screen bigger and wth d-pad to play games with,… not some light weight one,..as we have other companies for that,…Technology and system is of what we are depending on u Nokia not size !!!!!

  • Ev’s Friend

    Dont u all feel like muppets now that the N97 mimi has been released!!

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