The ridiculously easy way to enable iPhone tethering: visit

Remember when jailbreaking an iPhone was as simple as going to a website on the iPhone itself that exploits a buffer overflow vulnerability within Safari and with a push of a button tap on the screen you had a device free from Apple’s mighty iron fist? Remember being a dick and going to Apple stores in your city and jailbreaking every iPhone you could get your hands on?

Well something similar just happened to enable tethering. Just take your iPhone out of your pocket, go to and follow the simple instructions. Easier, way easier, than what Will posted a few days ago.

Bleed the living hell out of your operator’s network so that they’ll get an idea of how much infrastrucure they need to add to keep on working reliably. This not only works for AT&T customers, but for operators all around the world.

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  • ben

    maybe u remember that ive send you that link several days ago? 😛

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      just searched my inbox, and nope, i can’t say you sent this to me. did you send it to Will maybe?

  • ben

    i used the “tipps” button upper right 😐

  • dburnnzz

    i activated the tethering on my iphone 3G… from … if i use this service will it add money to my bill… im on ATT in the US

  • jjeye

    any hope for those of us in other countries besides the ones on the site???

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Shot the developer an email, he is quick to respond.

  • steve

    Of course, now I can’t sync with iTunes. Nobody wanred me of that. Thanks for nothing.

    • morphic

      Try rebooting? I had no problems with either iPhone OS 3.0 or 3.0.1 after rebooting. Syncing with iTunes worked flawlessly.

  • Chris phillips

    I followed those very easy instructions and everything worked perfectly!!! I was able to tether via USB, my voicemail still works, AND now I’m able to use the 15/month data plan on my 3gs when I wasn’t able to before this hack!!!!! I am very happy so far with the results. This is my first time hacking and it was sooooo easy!!! I hope my phone doesn’t blow up later as a result of the hack! Lol looking forward to the 3gs jailbreak!

  • Ravi

    I installed it and I get an message saying contact ATT

    • Chris phillips

      I got that same message, and it’s shown in the instructions that you’ll get that message. Just follow ALL of the instructions and it’ll work fine.

  • gigabite

    thank you so much 🙂

  • Warrengray

    @Chris Phillips. How do you have a 15/mo data package instead of 30/mo??

    • EMVP

      Due by new OS 4 and new iphone 4 came out, AT&T has change rate for iphone data plan :
      1. 15 bucks /month with limit 250MB.
      2. 25 bucks /month with limit 2GB.
      3. Pro plan 60 bucks /month (but did not say how many GB limit).
      No more 30 bucks /month with unlimited. If you are current with this plan it is still available nothing change but once you upgrade or renew your contract that may apply with new rate.

  • Stavros

    Thank you very much.

    Screw the money grabbing bastards who exploit people.

    Good Woik.

  • Glenn

    I tried installing both profiles but unable to setup internet tethering. I keep getting the message “to setup internet tethering contact softbank mobile”, please help!!!

  • busabling

    for those who are having problems with the mobile config at benM website, u must have itunes. it works for me but my internet will cut off and on at 10 minutes interval. when i remove the benM config, the problem goes away. i think at@t is behind this. anyone else having the same issue?

  • theexbrit

    Got it to work on XP, but no luck with Vista. Any ideas?

    iPhone 3G, AT&T provider

  • david

    I need help. There arent any real instructions on what I need to do in order to enable tethering. I followed what little instructions there were but cant figure out if I did anything. I have an iphone 2g so that may be the problem. Nobody seems to care about the losers that bought their iphones when they first came out lol. Also can I get MMS on my 2g or that just not possible.

    • BTN

      Tethering function seem just work for iphone 3G only. Your 2G is not possible …

  • j

    I have xp, can’t get it to connect tho I see it in network connections, can u help?

  • morphic

    Works great with iPhone software 3.0. Does it work with 3.0.1?

  • morphic

    Confirmed it works with iPhone OS 3.0.1.

    I’m tethered my phone to a Macbook Pro running Mac OS X version 10.5.7. The new USB network adapter, i.e. the iPhone, was automatically detected. In order to use the new tethered adapter I went into network systems (SYSTEM PREFERENCES | NETWORK) and applied the new adapter (en2).

  • rg

    How do you copy paste the MMS settings after you have installed the profile – I cant see where I paste the MMS settings

  • Steve C

    Install and implementation was as stated ridiculously easy on my AT&T’s 3G iPhone with 3.0.1. In fact, I am typing this while my laptop with Vista OS is tethered to the iPhone. However, my iTunes is not recognizing the iphone. Any help, please?

  • kc

    same here, using 1st gen 2G, OS3.0
    after pressing Generate button a text screen shown up and nothing else happen

  • Chris phillips

    To get the 15/month data plan, you can use a friends AT&T sim card if they use a non smart phone or iPhone. Put their sim in your iPhone, make a couple of calls, wait a few minutes, then log on to your AT&T account and you sould see that tour device is your friends phone. Now you can change your data plan that the non smart phones can use. After you’ve made the update, swap the sims back and enjoy!

    • EMVP

      It does not work because AT&T server will automatic detect and does not allowce to accesst GPRS. Data plan for non smart phone is used for media net only not a cellular data that need for iphone (it was changed from June 27, 2010) – Except you change your plan to "pay per use" (very expensive a dollar per 100kB) or just use your iphone call 611 (customer service) request add iphone data plan with lowest rate 15 bucks/month with 250MB limit (that is still enough for me to do tethering on my 3G OS 3.1.3 when I'm travelling)

  • A

    Brilliant! I hope this works for everyone.

  • Meg

    Trying to tether to vista. When I plug in my USB my pc doesn’t recognize a new network even though tethering is enabled on my iPhone. Any solutions? I don’t have iTunes downloaded on this computer could that be the problem? Please help!

    • emvp

      You must install intunes either it running vista, because iphone driver is location on itunes application that will be installed in windows than you can get online by tethering connection with your phone.

  • Chris Phillips

    Meg, you don’t need iTunes for tethering to work. You might need to set up a new network, which is really easy to do on Vista. I’m on an XP right now at work, so I can’t provide you the details, but click on start and type network into the search box and you should have some options to add a new network.

  • chris

    how did you remove the mobile config tether program?

  • rana

    Hi all:

    I used the create config. I got the tethering enable option.
    In the pc using USB, I get “acquiring IP” and end up not getting any. Did anyone got is problem?
    I will try the bluetooth now.

  • Geo

    This was so easy its insane, i saw several other tutorials that involved jailbreaking which i dont want to do. Seriously, all you do is install it, reboot and your done. I did a reset network setting to try to fix something else but i dont think it was relevent. My lapotp picked up the network displayed as “Network 59” or something vauge…this IS GREAT …THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  • Johnny B

    This is a great way to enable internet tethering! Kudos for making it happen…and to those that have “operator error” types of human evolutionary deficiencies and find all sorts of other unrelated problems after following this amazingly simple, yet powerful marvel of ingenuity and only have negative input driven by emotions without reason or logic behind said input…go die. twice. ungrateful turds. Again, great work guys!

  • JD

    I cant see any of the install instructions, I have the us_att.mobileconfig file, but not sure what to do with it, the site linked to is being forwarded to another site right now…
    any info/instructions would be appreciated, thanks!

  • JD

    I’m using Vista, I meant to say…

  • JD

    wow, never mind! Lol I got it… just had to do thru safari, duh! that’s just stupid easy… thanks everyone!

  • michael

    dude, just did this easy as can be load on my 3g and im now typing this message on my home PC….my internet connection is faster than my att home modem!!!! worked flawlessley and my voicmail is fine!!

  • Andy

    Works directly out the box for me using iPhone 3GS (3.01 firmware), Telstra DataPack settings and Windows 7 Enterprise.

  • Andy

    HELP HELP HELP PLEASE!!!! just updated to iPhone software 3.1 and my Internet tethering
    has disappeared!!!! Tried reinstalling as before but the Internet tethering submenu and on off button are not there!!!! OH NO!!!!! 🙁 🙁

  • Doghouse

    Keeping your profile in my iPhone with the 3.1 Update kills the Visual Voicemail feature.
    It took me two days to figure that one out.
    My GF still doesn’t believe that’s why I didn’t answer any of her voicemails yesterday.

  • Packman

    I downloaded the mobileconfig, turned on the tethering option from the iphone’s settings, and rebooted the iphone. Now I don’t understand what I need to do next; I plugged the iphone into my laptop via the usb cable, but there is no new internet connection showing up when I open network connections. It only displays my home wireless connection, and the LAN connection which is not plugged in. People keep saying it’s so simple, just download the mobileconfig, reboot, and voila! So what am I doing wrong, or what do I still need to do?

  • pitomit

    it doesn’t work anymore!

  • jcm

    I had everything working great via bluetooth Monday. Today, mine has vanished too. I’ve reset the phone and tried to re-download with no luck. It says it has downloaded, but no tether option anymore. I’d love to know if anyone has a solution!!

  • nbrown

    Same experience here… downloaded…. rebooted…. nada. Must have been something in the iphone update a few days ago that killed this. Too bad.

  • Mike

    After 3.1 update visual voicemail no longer worked and itunes crashes when connected to PC. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

  • Connor

    Just to let almost all vista users out there. When jailbreaking or hacking into your iphone in almost any way always put your pc into safe mode. Works everytime.

  • bill d

    I downloaded a teather hack on my iphone 3g, it was only for the 3.0 opp but i did not relize that i had 3.1, ever since i downloaded the hack my phone has stopped working all the time. I have to continuly restart my phone. Is there any way to find and remove whatever I downloaded? I have already had sim card replaced,it is something in the phone. PLEASE help!!!

  • Adam

    I cannot get tethering to work on my laptop. im using windows xp, and my iphone doesnt show up in network connections. i have managed to tether to a desktop with no problems.. any suggestions would be appreciated! i can also be emailed at
    Thanks for any help!

  • SN

    I got this working with my 2g. Not sure how as everywhere says that the 2g does not support tethering. I used the create a config setting, and added my apn and checked turn on tethering. I thought nothing happened so deleted the config but then noticed that the tethering option had appeared in the network settings.
    It works really well via USB and XP regonised the phone as an Ethernet connection. Fantastic.

  • Frank

    This sounds great. Does it work for 3.1?

  • thinkpadius

    Just some questions:

    1. Is tethering still working, or did something happen in sept’09 that made it stop?

    2. Does enabling this option prevent future iphone OS updates?

    3. Of the common problems listed by others, what is the best way to deal with them (bad itunes interactions etc)

    4. Can this process be reversed?

  • Christina

    I can no longer access my 3g network. It says it is there, however i can not access any internet. Has anyone had this problem yet?

  • CS Blue

    Works great with MTN Nigeria. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Court

    Can’t download! Error Message: Invalid Profile
    Profile format not recognized

    • girly

      Dont download this, it locked my phone up.

  • Peter Vazquez

    just tried and lost the cell network data, removed the profile got it back this is a 3GS with iPhone4

  • Ericlforbes

    I have iPhone 3G w/ 3.1 I downloaded the program it put an icon on my screen that does not work. I shut down my iPhone and turned it back on, when I did it asked me for my voicemail pin? I went into my settings> network and there is no option for tethering? Any help. Thanks

  • Jntramey

    Obsolete hack. No longer works.

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