Viigo Goes Live with Podcasts and Audio

After a few weeks of public beta testing, Viigo for BlackBerry is now fully supporting podcasts. Upwards of 10,000 podcasts can be browsed through their extensively categorized library, but be warned: these podcasts are streaming, so you’ll need coverage in order to tune in. It’s a great option for casual listeners, but if you’re hardcore about your shows (like The Signal *cough*), and want a copy stored locally, I’d suggest PodTrapper.

Viigo’s continually updating their app with fresh new content, with some of the more recent additions being a new Deals module kicked off by Gazaro, as well as tennis coverage, and Facebook integration. A new YouTube channel also makes for a handy way of browing through the latest videos without having to muss about the mobile site. For a tour of the update, scope out their demo video, or for a broader look at the whole app, swing by their modules page. To give Viigo a shot (why not? it’s free!), check out our version of the app, with built-in support for IntoMobile’s multitudinous content categories.

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