Shazam Now Available on the BlackBerry Storm


Some sorta exciting news for the BlackBerry Storm users out there. I just received word that a new version of Shazam for the BlackBerry Storm is available, with an official announcement coming this Monday! The app is now offered to Storm users anywhere BlackBerry App World is available. You can check out Shazam right now in App World… I just checked it out myself on a Storm, and it’s there.

If you’ve ever used Shazam, you know how cool it is. If you haven’t, how it works is really quite simple. First, you hear a song. You think to yourself, ‘geez, I wish I knew what that song was’… Thankfully, you remember you have Shazam loaded up on your mobile device. You turn it on, and hold your device up to the music. Shazam listens to the music, and 9 times out of 10 (probably more) it returns to you all of the music details including title and artist… and even gives you the opportunity to buy the track! Very cool.

Stay tuned for more news on the official announcement early next week!

Thanks Claudia!

  • tommy pickleson

    Too bad the song would be over by the time the storm was able to open and use the app.

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