BlackBerry Finally Getting Tabbed Browsing in OS 5.0

Wow, I’d bust out the party hats if the fact that this is news wasn’t so depressing. Poking around a preliminary build of BlackBerry OS 5.0 has revealed tabbed browsing, a nearly ancient feature found in any other self-respecting mobile browser. In its current development state, switching tabs isn’t easy (requires working through the menu, and there aren’t any shortcut keys), but that’s likely to improve before the final version of the browser goes out. BlackBerry’s native browser has always been a black mark on the otherwise admirable device, especially considering its practical inability to to a damned thing with JavaScript. Well, progress is progress – we can’t complain too much. OS 5.0 is expected to host a few other features, too; if you’d like to try some of them out for yourself, a leaked build for the Bold and 8900 is over here.

[via BGR]

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