ABSOLUT VODKA goes iPhone, Android

Drinkspiration by ABSOLUT

ABSOLUT VODKA is extending its marketing to smartphones, big time. They announced a mobile application for the iPhone and Android platform called Drinkspiration by ABSOLUT. The uber-cool looking app is designed as an interactive encyclopedia of recipes that helps you “find and share personalized drink recommendations based on spirit, taste, weather, time of day, bar vibe, sound volume, real-time drink trends and much more.”

The Facebook and Twitter integration is also on board auto-generating status updates, whereas a GPS is used to determine your location and recommend local cocktails. Personalization is also a big feature of Drinkspiration, allowing users to select cocktail based on a range of categories.

Finally, to make the application as viral as possible, there are live digital badges, such as “My Personal Top List”, enabling users to embed relevant data into his or her blog or website.

It’s super cool as I said in the beginning, and the AppStore link is here. As for the Android version, it’s coming later this summer… A short video demoing the app, follows after the jump. Enjoy!

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