Control your Comcast Cable services with the new Comcast iPhone app

comcast-iphone-app-1AT&T has already done it (iTunes link). DirecTV is all about it. Now, Comcast has thrown their own iPhone app into the mix. The digital cable television, phone and high-speed internet provider has just launched a new iPhone app that allows customers to control their Cable, Voice and Data services from the palm of their hand. Literally.

The new iPhone app from Comcast will sync iPhone contacts to the Comcast Universal Address Book and tie it in with the Comcast Digital Voice service (if you have it). Never again will you be left wondering who called or who left a message. You can even forward phone calls from your home line to your iPhone.

Users can browse Comcast’s TV schedule, set reminders for that all important episode of “Gossip Girl,” tell your friends about shows you like to watch (as long as they are Comcast subscribers), and even watch movie trailers on demand.

If you have Comcast service and are intrigued by this new app, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s free on the iTunes AppStore (iTunes link). We’ll wait for the remote DVR management feature before taking the plunge.

[Via: Electronista]

  • DavidB

    What’s WRONG with you COMCAST? There are MILLIONS more BlackBerry users than iPhone users! Where is the BlackBerry app???

  • Richard N

    I agree with brian B i would LOVE THIS APP on my blackberry!!
    lets go COMCAST!!!! BLACKBERRY APP!!!

  • Geri

    If I bought an iphone and comcast is our provider for phone, tv and highspeed internet we have already. If I buy a iphone can I be on the internet on the iphone while being a comcast provider and can serch the web and myspace and facebook and emial and music. What kind of iphone works with comcast. thankyou for your reply. I like to have an iphone if this is the only one I can get in order to go online as we do have wireless for our laptops. Please respond asap.thanks again,


  • Greg 1

    I agree with that, what’s the problem with Comcast and getting this Blackerry App up and running. How long can you say “Comming Soon”?

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