Low-Cost HTC Click Coming with Android?

More Android goodness today: this picture of the supposed HTC Click has bubbled up, though skimpy on details. All we have on the HTC Click is that it will be packing a 3.5mm headphone jack, has a 2.8″ screen, and an unidentified camera on the back. It’s easy to see the similarities with the Magic – in fact, replacing the trackball with a jog wheel is just about the only discernable difference so far. It’s hinted that this will be geared towards the lower-end of the spectrum, which makes sense since HTC’s efforts on the upper end are currently occupied by the Hero. It would be cool if they could bring the Sense UI down to the more inexpensive handsets, but I guess we’ll have to wait for some screenshots to know what’s going on with the HTC Click.

[PointGPhone via Gizmodo]

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