Skyfire adds Gmail integration, search history and Facebook thumbnails

Skyfire, the up-and-coming mobile web browser has just released a handful of new features. The Skyfire browser uses a client-server setup to process all web pages on super-powerful computers that you would never be able to afford. That makes for really fast page-load times and even streaming media like Flash or Silverlight content. Yesterday, Skyfire made a bunch of upgrades to these servers, enabling a slew of new features. Skyfire now supports full Gmail integration, the ability to browse your past searches and Facebook media thumbnails for albums.

While Opera Mini might be the web browser of choice for a larger chunk of the mobile market, Skyfire is starting to catch up. Skyfire’s got a leg-up on the competition with the ability to display interactive and streaming media, so they have that going for them. And, with these new features, Skyfire’s only getting hotter. Check it out and let Skyfire know what you think of the new features!

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