ThinkFree Mobile for Android Debuts


In one of the latest apps to arrive for Android, ThinkFree Mobile brings the office suite to the Android Platform. You can use it to view, edit and create office documents (word, excel and powerpoint) right on your Android-powered device. There’s a built-in browser to help you navigate and manage your office docs, and there’s even a service called ‘ThinkFree Online’ which allows you to access, upload/download and share your documents from anywhere. Very cool.

The app is made up of ‘ThinkFree Write’ for word processing, ‘ThinkFree Calc’ for spreadsheets, and ‘ThinkFree Show’ for presentations. Microsoft Office can easily open/edit/save each of these formats, much like ThinkFree can open up and manage all Office files. Compatibility both ways, should be a good solution for Android users!

File formats supported:

  • Documents: rtf, doc, docx, xml
  • Spreadsheets: xls, xlsx, xml, csv, txt, html
  • Presentations: ppt, pps, pot, pptx, ppsx, pots

You’ll need Android OS 1.5 or higher to run this one. For more information hit up the ThinkFree website.

[Via: AndroidCommunity and Enterpriser]

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