TomTom for iPhone arrives!


So here is one that I’ve been waiting for, for some time – TomTom arrives on the iPhone – in style too!

I suppose you could divide the news about the TomTom on iPhone comes in two parts – first is an application for the iPhone, which is multi-featured – we are talking about stuff like:

  • portrait vs landscape mode
  • clear turn-by-turn instructions
  • uses internal GPS on iPhone
  • cross-integrates with contacts
  • intelligent route calculation taking in to account time of day

The other part of TomTom for iPhone, which appears to be an optional (but near-essential) extra is the iPhone holder – this too has a stack of functions:

  • sticks to dash or windscreen
  • holds phone in portrait or landscape
  • holder enhances GPS signal and microphone of iPhone
  • charges iPhone (with cable)

Now the App on it’s own is going for between £44.99 and 79.99 on the App Store, depending on which region you want – the UK comes out at £59.99, for example. If you want to find out more, then you can go to the App Store to download the App, or, you can visit TomTom’s website (here) if you want to browse around some more. I highly recommend watching the keynote video from the Apple WWDC 2009 here – scroll in to 1:22 to see TomTom!

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