Brief: Nokia Booklet 3G to come out in early 2010, ARM based version a bit later?

Digitimes, the site that either gets things remarkably right, or totally wrong, has a rumor from a couple of Taiwanese handset makers that the Finnish company is planning on making a smartbook (defined as a netbook, but with an ARM processor) and will release it in 2010. They also claim that the Booklet 3G will come out in early 2010, meaning Nokia is going to miss the holiday season. Strange, how long does it take to put a few pieces of plastic together, slap Windows 7 on it, and install Ovi Suite?

What OS is going to power said smartbook, is it going to be Symbian, or Maemo?

  • bazza

    Plastic? I thought it was a unibody aluminium shell with a 10 inch glass screen.

    Maybe they are still making deals with networks so they have solid tariffs at launch.

    We’ll see.

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