Updated Facebook for iPhone app good enough to make me use Facebook

facebook-iphone-updateEveryone and their grandmother is talking about the Facebook iPhone app update that just went live today. I don’t use Facebook enough (I should, but I don’t) to have cared all that much about what’s being described as the best thing to happen to the Facebook iPhone app since, well, the first Facebook iPhone app. But, after revisiting the Facebook app, I’ve changed my tune. It’s good. Really good.

The Facebook iPhone update gives the iPhone app a completely new look and feel. For one, there’s a new “homescreen” interface that makes it stupid-easy to navigate through your Facebook profile. Hit the “grid” button at the top left and you’ll be taken to a simple homescreen grid with option to view your inbox, friend requests, photos and more. There’s also a bunch of new features – like landscape mode, video upload from an iPhone 3GS and the ability to make friend requests. Read up on all the new features on the AppStore (iTunes link).

Check out the new Facebook iPhone app in the AppStore. If you’ve never installed the iPhone Facebook app, just download the app to your iPhone. If you already have an older version of Facebook on your iPhone, you may need to re-download the app in order to get the update to take.

Trust me when I say that the new Facebook app good. In fact, it’s so good that I’m seriously considering using Facebook more regularly.

Facebook (iTunes link)

  • Ashu

    I am neither using iPhone nor Blackberry Curve 8900 but I am gonna buy the second one soon and tell you what, I need an app like this for that so desperately!!

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