Surprise! Most Americans Support Texting While Driving Bans

distracted-driving-textingConcern over motorists distracting themselves with text messages has grown over the past couple years. So much so that US senators have proposed a nationwide texting-while-driving ban. But, how does that sit with the American people? According to a new survey from Nationwide Insurance, 80% of surveyed Americans indicated that they would support legislation that would ban drivers from sending text messages from behind the wheel. We can’t say we’re surprised.

Support for texting-and-driving bans came from all walks of life. It wasn’t just the older Americans that voiced concern over young whipper-snappers texting away on their new-fangled mobile thingamajigs. Mobile savvy Americans from the Gen X (33-44) and Gen Y (21-32) crowd showed resounding support for texting restrictions. Areas with a high mobile usage and high reliance on cars also showed strong support for these ban.

“In recent months, the debate about the dangers of driving while distracted (DWD) has intensified as more and more states consider taking legislative action,” said Bill Windsor, Nationwide’s Safety Officer. “The survey results confirm that there is strong public support for banning texting while driving. It also provides insight into support for additional restrictions policymakers may want to consider.”

Basically, people in living in areas where lots of other people are using cellphones are more very supportive of any texting bans. Even more so when cars are an integral part of daily life (west and northeast regions). Imagine that.

And, these same people are apparently willing to changing their driving-while-texting habits in the face of new legislation. The survey shows that 82% of respondents would stop sending text messages from behind the wheel if new laws made it illegal to to so.

With those senators pushing for a nationwide ban on texting while driving, and the majority of Americans supporting such bans, it looks like the US on the cusp of sweeping legislation that will make roads safer for us all. Next up, what to do about soccer moms ferrying their one kid in an oversized SUV?

[Via: CN]

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