Boingo Wireless joins Symbian Foundation

Boingo Wireless

Boingo Wireless announced that it has joined the Symbian Foundation. As a member of the Nokia-led group, Boingo gains the “immediate right to license the Symbian Foundation platform, royalty free and without source code fees; participate in the governance of the foundation; and take part in joint marketing and branding campaigns.” As an end users, this means absolutely nothing to you. However, I’ve no doubts we’ll see Boingo’s clients being released for every Symbian version in the future.

Commenting on the move, Symbian’s David Wood said: “Symbian is pleased to welcome Boingo as the latest member of the fast-growing Symbian Foundation. Boingo is widely recognised as a leading enabler of mobile WiFi access. We look forward to seeing their innovative use of Symbian platform assets, and to their participation in community activities.”

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