Spider iPhone app looks cool, and that’s about it

Spider iPhone app

Spider is a cool-lookin’ iPhone app that certainly won’t make you more productive — quite the contrary. Actually, it’s cool if you like spiders or at least find them interesting, otherwise you’ll find it gross.

The simple application shows the movement of a spider on the iPhone’s screen. You can’t much interact with it, except to scurry it away by tapping your finger in its vicinity. You can, however, select a background — there are nine different images available — and see the spidey moving on a leaf, web and so on. It’s also worth pointing that the spider looks and moves realistically, but since there’s not much going on the screen, except his predictable movements, you’ll get bored quickly. In that sense, I’m not sure is it worth a buck. You be the judge… (AppStore link).

[Via: JustAnotherIphoneBlog]

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