Windows Mobile 6.5 Coming to Xperia X1 Soon?

Windows Mobile 6.5 is looming for an early October release, alongside a slew of new devices to kick off the update, but older hardware will also be able to pick up the new operating system. itje, an active member on xda-developers, has claimed that he got his hands on an official Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM for the original Xperia X1, which hosts some drivers from the X2, as well as OEM drivers, “new XIP (real x1 nk), and new netcf 3.7 (final)”. What sets this apart from the ROMs that have been cooked up in the past with available Windows Mobile 6.5 assets by third parties, is that this one is fully official and will be publicly available shortly. Apparently the 2D rendering is spectacular on the new software – if you’ve got a mind for that sort of thing, check out the benchmark results, or these ones with Spb, just keep in mind that the numbers don’t always tell the whole story.  There aren’t any new panels to be found in this particular software, but it might be made available prior to a release from Sony Ericsson – we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled.

[xda-developers via Pocketnow]

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