New BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset Coming Soon

We had heard that RIM was going to be making a new mono Bluetooth headset after it passed through the special interest group last month, and based on its “Coming Soon” listing in the official accessory store, it seems like the HS-500 is well on its way. The description boasts automatic volume adjustment, support for turn-by-turn directions, and noise cancellation. This isn’t RIM’s first Bluetooth headset, but with their recent car visor making the rounds and all of this talk about a watch accessory, that little BlackBerry logo is doing a good job of filling in RIM’s accessory line. Of course, this headset will work with whatever phone you happen to be packing, so don’t feel like you’ve gotta have a BlackBerry to use one. Interested? The HS-500 will be retailing for $79.99 when it’s released. Sign up for notifications of when it’s available over here.

[via BlackBerry Sync]

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