China Unicom iPhone launch day and prices unveiled: October 1st for $733

China Unicom, which announced that they’ve struck a deal with Apple last month to bring the iPhone to China, has now confirmed the launch date and pricing. For 5,000 yuan (733 US Dollars; 502 Euros; 464 British Pounds) you’ll be able to snatch up an iPhone, although it isn’t clear if that is the 3G model or 3GS. The high price is due to China Unicom wanting more monies to build up their 3G network, which currently is a bit spotty. There will be 8 service packages offered, starting from 126 yuan ($18.5) all the way to 886 ($129.77) yuan per month offered. Subsidies for those who sign up for a long term contract start at 893 yuan ($130.80) to 4,253 yuan ($622.93) depending on how much you pay per month and the length of your contract. No word as to whether the iPhones are going to be sold unlocked. China Unicom added that since launching 3G service in May, they have over half a million users using it; 430,000 being mobile phone users, 100,000 using data dongles.

[Via: Engadget, Reuters]

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