The Missing Sync for Android Coming Soon


mark/space, the same folks that recently brought us The Missing Sync for the iPhone and Palm Pre (among other great titles) are now gearing up to launch a new product. This time around it’ll be The Missing Sync for Android! Public previews of the app should be available next week. From there, mark/space are hoping to get version 1.0 out the door at some point later in the month. Exciting.

The Missing Sync for Android promises to bring a powerful syncing solution between your Android-powered device and your personal or business computer. Sync up  your music, contacts, photos, videos, files and more… Plus, it will sync up with your Outlook, Entourage, Mac OS X Address book, iTunes, Windows Media Player and iPhoto. Later in the year mark/space has plans to launch a few free upgrades as well that include calendar, task and notes syncing. Cool.

Certainly lots to look forward to here. For more information hit up mark/space… and stay tuned for more details as they become available!

  • mike

    Dood, James, that’s awesome news and a great find on your part! Thank you sooo much for sharing this bit of information with us! It totally made my day! I was looking at the upcoming Moto Cliq with interest, but dreading the fact that I’d have to use Google’s services to transfer my data over/between the phone and my computer (when I didn’t want to share with Google tbw). Even more troubling was the fact that I own a MacBook Pro and wasn’t too happy with my PIM and Media synching options (Drag and drop? No thanks! I need my music playlist!)…

    What ever the case, this is perfect! I’ve used mark/space’s missing sync software for both Symbian and Windows powered Mobile phones and couldn’t be more happy to hear this! Looks like my decision to finally make the jump to Android this month just became THAT much easier! Thanks again!

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