Midomi for Android Identifies Hummed or Sung Music

Android-MidomiMidomi, an online community for amateur singers and music identification service, will be extending into Android soon. Until now, Shazam had struck me as the best mobile music ID service out there, but after seeing Midomi in action, I can see how handy humming a song could be when you’ve got it stuck in your head, or don’t have a chance to jam your phone right against a radio’s speaker. After either grabbing a sample of the song in question or simply speaking the artist/title, Midomi Ultra presents options for buying the track, YouTube videos, album information, lyrics lookup, and just about anything else you would want to know about a song. One of the key differentiators with Midomi is the social element – it’s heavily geared towards connecting you with people who have looked up similar music.  Unfortunately, the app will be exclusive to the Motorola Cliq for the immediate future, but if you happen to be packing an iPhone, Midomi has got you covered.

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