Halloween App of the Day: GhostWriter for iPhone


With Halloween just around the corner, I’m sure there’s going to be no shortage of spooky/scary apps to go around for the holiday. Case in point, the new ‘GhostWriter’ app for iPhone released by the folks at Cute Logic. The simple app lets you add ‘spooky’ messages to your pictures. Key features of this new app:

  • Users may select from a range of Halloween themed messages, or let GhostWriter choose one at random
  • Users may add their own custom messages to those shipped with GhostWriter
  • Messages can be displayed in one of 2 ghostly fonts: Blood Writ or Angered Spirit
  • Optionally plays 1 of 9 spooky sound effects as messages are displayed
  • Pictures may be emailed direct from GhostWriter
  • Users may choose to add a ‘ghoulish miasma’ to pictures taken with GhostWriter
  • Automatic or manual display of messages

This one would certainly be fun at that Halloween party or gathering, and I’m thinking the kiddies would get a kick out of it for sure. While I would have rather picked it up for free, GhostWriter is available for $0.99 in the App Store (iTunes link).

More Halloween spookiness to come…

Side Note: For Halloween this year I’m considering going as John Hodgman from the Mac vs. PC commercials. Think I can pull it off?

Thanks Christopher!

  • John

    great App…..Spooky Clock by Zidware is also a neat App for iPhone….with the famous floating ghost & beautiful graphics….!

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