Comcast to enter mobile data market

Comcast to enter mobile data market

The cable company/ISP Comcast is mulling a mobile data offering. Apparently, the company wants to extend the “Comcasting experience” to a laptop near you. And in that sense this page on their website is talking about 3G and 4G services. The latter is available “across your metro area,” but we’re hearing they only mean Bellingham, WA; Portland, OR; and Atlanta, GA — with more to come. As for their 3G offering, it’s available throughout most of the continental U.S.

One thing is not clear, though – which carrier they’re using to offer the mobile data services. BGR thinks it’s Sprint, and somehow we trust them.

The best thing about Comcast’s offering is that for 50 bucks a month you get Internet both at your home and while on the go. Sounds impressive! If anyone of you had a chance to try this out, we’re eager to hear your thoughts. Comments form is all yours…

[Via: BGR]

  • Tom

    They are partnering with Clearwire to offer mobile internet.

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