Video: Dear Nokia: The Nokia N97 blows and you know it

I posted this video on the @IntoMobile Twitter account, which if you haven’t followed already may be due to head trauma suffered as a child, and I wasn’t going to blog it … that is until I read what Ewan MacLeod had to say about it:

Brilliant, brilliant video from the Phoneage / Tehkseven chaps. Genius. Provided this video doesn’t hit the mainstream and Twitter doesn’t pick this up, Nokia will be perfectly fine.

To which I have to reply let the spreading begin:

  • Peter

    I don’t understand all the fuss. Since firmware v12 the N97 was already fast and v20 only makes it even faster and more usable. Used to have 40MB free and since v20 I have 57MB free and my N97 is loaded with apps.

    Stability of the device was already quite good and v10 was already better than the Sony Ericsson P990i ever was. I don’t have a scratched camera lense, and I get compliments on the sound quality (both normal and on speakerphone). Signal strenght is quite good.

    I am really a power user and make extensive use of calendar, mail, twitter, music player, on a daily basis.

    Common people! What’s the problem?

  • Mike

    The guy in the Video is right.

    I was a Nokia fan boy for over 10 years but Apple are leaving them behind in the top end market.

    Apples UI is so slick and makes Nokia’s look so old.

    App store is so far ahead now that Ovi store will never catch up and as for the intergration of everything, well Apple wins hands down.

    All N Series do have fantastic cameras though (my N82 was as good as any camera) so that’s the only loss on the Apple but it still produces good pictures if you sort out your lighting.

    So forget the N Series and this new Mojo (or whatever it’s called) and head over to iPhone.

    You will wonder why you waited so long! I did.

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