• Trent

    I love the Droid and plan to get one, but does anyone think it’s kinda weird their entire ad campaign is taking on a “geek targeted” approach? I’m sure the geek/techies like us are already sold on this thing. They made a mistake opening up the “better than iPhone” can of worms if they were going to follow it up with a geek-focused campaign. I work in advertising and I’m just wondering why they didn’t go more with a more mass-market approach to get wider adoption. Fighter jets? robot eyes? astoroids? Even when compared to the MyTouch commercials, Verizon’s TV spots are a total fail if they want to take the lead (or even) dent the penetration Apple has made in the “average” consumer market. I mean, even soccer mom’s are using iPhones. Apple did a better job at going after a wider variety of users in my opinion.

    And what the heck is up with not showing the phone at this point??? Every tech blog has reviewed it already. Again, stricly from a product launch standpoint, gotta give it to Apple. Not one person saw the iPhone until Apple wanted them to.

    This is not an apple vs android comment. I’m just commenting on it from an ad strategy standpoint.

  • Simon Sage

    Interesting take, Trent.

    I think a part of the fact of them not showing the device has to do with the fact that DROID isn’t just Motorola’s offering – it’s Verizon’s whole Android family.

    As for the geek cred, Verizon’s punching their weight. They know they won’t actually put a dent into the mass market with Android, but if they can target people informed enough to understand why Android might be better than iPhone, VZ might be able to pry away a few power users.

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