Samsung Behold 2 Now For Sale on T-Mobile

Samsung-Behold2-TMoNovember 18 was set as the Samsung Behold 2’s launch, and here we are with another addition to the Android family. T-Mobile is offering a 3.2″ AMOLED touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus, Wi-Fi, GPS, and the usual Google fare like Maps, Mail, Search, YouTube and the Android Market for $299.99 on two years of the Even More plan (or $57/month if you’d like to try financing the device). That cube-spinning interface gimmick looks like it would wear off awfully quick, but if you’re interested in giving TouchWiz-tinged Android a shot, you can pick up the Behold 2 from T-Mobile here. I believe Will is giving the Behold 2 a test drive presently, so sit tight for a review in the near future.

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