Swype bringing ‘genius texting’ interface to Verizon Samsung Omnia II next month, Android on the way

swipe-3The Verizon Samsung Omnia II’s launch isn’t going to be exciting just for Windows Mobile fans, it’s going to be exciting for anyone that’s been  to Swype’s continuous finger-motion typing interface. That’s because Verizon’s Samsung Omnia II will be the first production device to support the innovative Swype typing interface, which Samsung has dubbed “Genius Texting.” Rather than having you tap our individual letters on an on-screen keyboard to form words, Swype allows the user to trace paths between those letters. The software analyzes your finger’s path to determine your desired word, increasing accuracy and increasing your typing speed.

The Swype-powered “Genius Texting” feature will be built into the Omnia II when it launches next month. The innovative keyboard still allows you to tap out words like you’re probably used to doing on a touchscreen smartphone. Should you feel so inclined, you can start tracing your word with a single continuous “swipe” motion. Gestures are also supported for tasks like capitalizing a letter – just swipe an upside down “V” motion onto the keyboard and off you go!

Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional might not be enough to get you to buy the Omnia II, but Swype’s new keyboard sure makes a strong case for putting an Omnia II in your pocket. Or, if Android’s more your style, we’re hearing that Swype will soon make its way to your favorite Google mobile OS. Word on the street has Swype hitting the Android platform in the first quarter of 2010.

Say good-bye to the decades-old typing paradigm and make room for the new wave of Swype-powered keyboards!

This is how Swype works:

[Via: MocoNews and MobileCrunch]

  • Mor

    Swype looks cool!

    we are going to recommend it to our free text message service users

  • Demi129

    Nothing new, DASUR has the same keyboard and it is one year that I am using it.

  • Trey111

    Actually DASUR doesn’t have the same keyboard. It’s probably something similar but Swype is based on a completely different algorithm and allows users to be sloppy when they enter words which allows for faster text input. If you like what you have now you should check out Swype, I’m sure you’ll love it!

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