The iPhone Reality Show – Watch code monkeys in their natural habitat

iphone-reality-showAnyone can have their own reality show nowadays. If you’ve got enough drama in your life and don’t mind having cameras invade your most private of moments, you’re just one strong pitch away from living the trashy TV-dream. Heck, thanks to the internet and live-streaming video, you don’t even have to have any “baby momma drama” or get breast implants (they might help, but that’s a different story altogether). The iPhone developers at Command Guru understand this, and they’ve started the first live iPhone Reality Show at

Every day at 12:30am PST (Pacific Time), for the next five days, you can see for yourself what it takes to develop an iPhone app from scratch – in just one week, no less. The live streaming video feed comes to us from Italy (which explains the too-early start time), showcasing a team of diverse code monkeys doing their thing in their natural habitat. It’s an interesting watch, especially for anyone involved with or curious about iPhone development. Just don’t expect any nail-scratching cat fights or scantily clad women running around all melodramatic-like.

iPhone Reality Show

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