Swype keyboard leaked for Motorola Droid – Typing without the tapping

swype-screencap-droidIt looks like the Samsung Omnia II isn’t the only Android phone to be blessed with Swype’s revolutionary swipe-based keyboard. DroidMuff.in (that’s one helluva domain name) managed to get their hands on a beta release of the Swype keyboard for Android, giving WVGA Android phones like the Motorola Droid an alternative to the traditional on-screen keyboard. Rather than have you type out messages by tapping on virtual keys, the Swype keyboard allows you to drag your finger from letter to letter to form words. Swype analyzes your swiping pattern and translates it into words.

At this point, the Swype Android keyboard is only compatible with WVGA devices like the Motorola Droid. Swype hasn’t yet officially made their keyboard available to Android users, so getting the swipe-happy interface onto your Droid is going to require a bit of effort on your part. The instructions for installing Swype are easy enough for anyone to handle, and it’s worth having Swype’s keyboard on tap as an alternative to the Android keyboard.

MobileCrunch posted instructions for installing the keyboard, but I felt that they could use some clarification, so I’ve posted my own guide. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download the installation zip file here.
  2. Unzip the zip archive. You should end up with a file named “[mfhs]Swype-SwypeReference-WVGA854-trial-release.0.35.3959.apk”
    • If your Mac automatically converts the .apk file into a folder, use Stuffit Expander to unzip the file.
  3. Plug your Android phone (Motorola Droid) into your computer via USB cable.
  4. Drag down the notification tray and hit the “USB connected” notification.
  5. Tap “Mount” to turn your microSD card into a mass storage device. You’ll see a new removable storage drive pop up on your computer.
  6. Drag the “[mfhs]Swype-SwypeReference-WVGA854-trial-release.0.35.3959.apk” file onto the Droid’s SD card.
  7. Once the transfer is finished, you’ll want to eject the removable drive on your computer and hit the “Turn OFF USB storage” option on your Android phone’s notification tray.
  8. Navigate to your SD card directory using an Android file explorer like Astro or ES File Explorer.
  9. Tap on the .apk file and install it.
  10. Navigate to SEttings > Applications > Unknown Sources
    • Check the box
  11. Navigate to Settings > Language and Keyboard > Swype
    • Check the box
  12. You now have Swype installed on your Droid/Android phone. You can enable Swype by tapping and holding on any text entry box.

That’s all you gotta do. The process is drag-and-drop easy. It’s worth a few minutes of your time.

[Via: MobileCrunch]

  • Derrick

    I have it for my Tilt 2. It’s pretty cool!!!! So does this mean I can SWYPE while driving??? I mean is it the same as texting and driving???? Hmmmmmm……

  • mymy

    Thanks for your instructions. They were much clearer than the other site. I downloaded swype the fisrt time out with your help. Swype is so cool. I finally have something my kids dont have.

  • Jon

    It says my screen resolution isn’t compatible. I have an HTC Eris, which is what the software is shown on in the video I’ve seen… Any suggestions?


  • GrandMasterB

    The Omnia2 an Android device?? I should think not, it is a Windows Mobile Device all the way 😉

  • SwypeGuy

    Ever notice how these SlideIT posts that keep showing up on blogs discussing Swype come in the middle of the night? Kind of like middle of the day in Israel (where SlideIT is from)? Hmmm…

  • Gur Aoslplan

    Dude, what about Shapewriter?

    • Old Gregg

      costs money after one month

  • milr

    An alternative way to install it is to get APKatcher from the market and then email the apk to yourself. When you click ‘preview’ in the email, choose APKatcher and install it that way.

  • tluhn

    Just installed this on my Moto Droid and I love it already. I have a hard time typing with keyboard in vertical mode because the buttons are small. But with this it doesn’t seem to be as picky about hitting the key exact. Very smart app a must have for me…

  • Kendall

    Just followed the quick tutorial… simple, and Swype is really cool. Takes a few min to do the tutorial… but I feel like this will save me from two-hand txting/emailing on the run.

  • Jordan

    swype is nice. I wish that they would make the smiley face button like it is on the regular keyboard where if you hold it, it shows options for all of them.

  • jim

    was great for a few days then said my trial has ended. fail. moto droid

  • sfstan

    when i call up the tutorial, a green box comes up telling me “best viewed in portrait mode”. i was already in portrait mode. green box will not go away and cannot get tutorial to run. any clues anyone? thanks.

  • mike

    i installed swype and when i opened it it said something like your trial is over can not use? is their a way around it?

  • Haggie

    I love the Swype app, but HATE the management of Swype.

    Instead of selling to individuals through the Marketplace, they are trying to sign big dollar distribution deals with the mobile companies. GREED is ruining a great piece of software.

    I don’t use pirated software or encourage others, but in this case, I have no problem. The management of Swype doesn’t deserve my money or yours.

  • karen

    ummmm as soon as i instal it it says its exprired and i have to upgrade??? how do i upgrade it?????

  • Megan

    i downloaded the zip file from my computer to my phone and i was able to type about 3 to 5 words and then got a message saying that my trail period has expired….help!

  • steve

    I am getting the trial error too on Moto Droid… looks pretty but if I can’t use it then it’s quite worthless 🙁

  • Symone

    I’m getting the trial error too, before I’m even able to type a word though.

  • droidgirl90

    hey i have tried downloading the swype numerous times and it tells me within one minute that the trial has ended and it will not work? =(

  • steve

    Yeah, this is no longer a working version. I guess we should "register" at swype if we want to be notified of when this will be available again?

  • cali_e


  • Rachel Holbrook DeRoxtro

    Moto Droid – incompatible screen size. 🙁

  • Saraba

    looks like a cool app to bad i couldn't even use it once . I also get the trial ended.. 🙁

  • Tim

    Motorola Cliq- incompatible screen size :'-(

  • Just a guy

    Just found about this app, and as soon as I installed it – got the ‘trial is over’ message. Yep – that’s the quickest way to get me to uninstall, and never consider buying the d#*()d thing.

  • Free Apps

    Download SlidIt – Free from market place, does the same thing, and works…

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