Grooveshark Mobile Music Now Available for Android and BlackBerry


New to the streaming music scene, Grooveshark has entered the fray against the likes of Pandora and Slacker Radio. If you’re on a BlackBerry or Android-powered device, and would like to give new streaming music app a try, Grooveshark is worth a look.

With Grooveshark you can listen to songs and playlists from the Grooveshark music catalog, right on your phone. The music available is constantly updated by folks all over the world. There’s a quick and easy download form available at, but to take full advantage of all the features found within, you’ll need to sign up for a $3/month VIP pass. Well worth it if you listen to a lot of music on the go…and have an unlimited data plan 🙂

For more info hit up Grooveshark.

Note: Grooveshark is coming for iPhone and the Palm Pre in the near future. Stay tuned for more.

[Via: CB]

  • JGig

    Review of the Grooveshark Mobile App:

    "Grooveshark, a fairly new web-streaming service, unveiled their mobile application. The service has a comprehensive library of music, guaranteeing a wide appeal. The lightweight app (as tested on Blackberry) has a very simple, easy to use interface. There’s even an offline playback option, which is key for users living in markets like NYC, Boston, and Chicago and use underground public transportation…"

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