HTC HD2′s Windows Mobile 7 upgrade gets ‘unconfirmed’


Only in a world where Twitter is a legitimate breaking news source can a company “unconfirm” a previously confirmed rumor. Just the other day, HTC Russia got HTC HD2 owners and would-be owners all worked up with a tweet that seemd to confirm that a Windows Mobile 7 upgrade would be made available to the HD2 and the HD2 only. The original tweet was promptly deleted. The HTC Russia Twitter account followed up with another tweet in which they say that the WM7 upgrade confirmation was “posted in error and is unconfirmed at this time” (emphasis ours).

There’s a couple possibilities here. Either the HTC HD2 isn’t slated for a WinMo 7 upgrade, and the person behind HTC Russia’s Twitter profile made a huge mistake. Or, the HTC HD2 is getting a WM7 upgrade, and the person behind the HTC Russia Twitter profile made a huge mistake by letting the proverbial cat out of the bag. We’re thinking it’s the latter. It’s hard to stuff cats back in bags, once they’ve been let loose.

Of course, any WM7 upgrade would be contingent on Microsoft actually meeting their launch goal for late 2010.

Just remember, in Soviet Russia, Windows Mobile 7 leaks YOU!

[Via: WMExperts]

  • Katie Mansfield

    Ah Oh! All those folk with a HTC HD2 are going to be stuck with Windows Mobile 6.x forever.

    If it’s any consolation, Windows Mobile hasn’t been fundamentally updated (apart from minor window dressing) since version 5 which came out in 2004. And current Windows Mobile development has stagnated. So there’s not much updating going on anyway.

    Meanwhile, the HTC Passion / Nexus / Dragon / Bravo will be out this month. Similar specification phone as the HD2, but running Android.

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