Foursquare now available for Palm Pre, too

Foursquare for Palm Pre

Location-sharing app/service Foursquare is now available for Palm Pre and Pixi users, too. With this move, Foursquare sings along four of the hottest platforms – iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and now webOS.

From what we’ve heard (personally I haven’t tried it out on a Palm device), the app is as simple as it gets, with a single missing feature – city leaderboards. However, it’s worth pointing it’s still a beta app, meaning we could expect to see some improvements in the coming weeks.

If you’re in for some location-based services, search for Foursquare in the App Catalog…

[Via: mashable, image from DownloadSquad]

  • digital

    They should target android.

  • olli

    Unfortunately not for european user :(

  • Jey

    @oli, it is now! go get it :-)

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