Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Announced for Rogers in Q2


Anyone interested in Android probably has their eyes on the Nexus One announcement this morning, but for those north of the border, we haven’t heard which (if any) carriers will offer the Google Phone subsidized. Luckily, Sony Ericsson and Rogers just announced a palatable alternative, the Xperia X10, for the second quarter of 2010. Packing an 8 megapixel camera, 1 Ghz processor, 4” WVGA display, and custom Timescape contact management and Mediascape widgets, the X10 is slick-looking device. As Sony Ericsson’s first Android device (and Rogers’ third), there’s a lot hinging on its performance, but SE is already being smart about making nice with developers; their WebSDK will allow simultaneous development for both their Android and Symbian devices. No word price point or specific release date, but you can opt in for updates over at Rogers. For those in the U.S., we’re hearing T-Mobile will be picking up the X10 as soon as February.

[via CNW]

  • Nico

    This will be Rogers FOURTH Android phone. Rogers was the first Canadian carrier to bring Android with the HTC MAGIC and HTC DREAM. They also released LG’s first Android, the LG EVE (aka Etna). Now they will be bringing a fourth Android with SE Experia X10.

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