NAVTEQ Launches Advanced Mapping Collection Technology

navteq-logoNAVTEQ today announced NAVTEQ True, which is the company’s new mapping collection system.

NAVTEQ True represents a new era in data collection and utilises technology unique in the industry in terms of both the scale and quality of collection.  Through a combination of LIDAR, panoramic and high resolution cameras, GPS and IMU positioning, all the data collected is geo-referenced, making it possible to superimpose both imagery and 3D data points together to create a more highly detailed digital representation. The distinctive manner in which data is captured with this technology provides the critical platform to move digital maps from 2D to 3D representation.

The integration of this new technology will begin in the US followed closely by Europe, and at the end of 2010 will also encompass field collection vehicles in APAC.  The technology behind NAVTEQ True has resulted in part from the work NAVTEQ and Microsoft previously announced, to accelerate the collection creation and storage of 3D map data and visuals.

So what does all of this mean for us? Well apart from possible concerns about the intricate mapping of things personal to us (points in time, buildings, etc), the upside is that maps used by devices such as Sat Navs and Mobiles could suddenly take an amazing leap forward with their mapping apps. It’s well understood that a number of company have good 2D maps (top-down) of anywhere you’d want to go – but what about 3D visuals? That takes a whole other set of data gathering and representation skills.

With smartphones now getting to a point where they can easily display 3D data and animate it smoothly (as is required for a Sat Nav app for example), it’s only a matter of time before the slew of new data in these apps gives us a vastly improved (and augmented) navigation experience!

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