Verizon Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus to come with more storage

Verizon Palm Plus devices

You’ve heard about the “Plus” versions of two Palm devices – Pre and Pixi, which are coming to Verizon Wireless at some point next year. Well, we have an additional details to share about it — the only difference that the “Plus” versions have when compared to the original devices is more storage. Instead of 8GB, the Pre Plus will ship with 16GB, and in Pixi’s case, it’s 8GB instead of 4GB. Rest of the specs seem unchanged, or at least the leaked document we have says so. In addition, I’m betting Verizon will also try to bundle its Pre and Pixi with some pre-installed apps, only to prove prospective customers there’s much more in the “Plus”…

[Via: PhoneArena]

  • Todd

    Isn’t the pixi with wifi new vs the pixi already out in the wild, say at Sprint?

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