Rogers HTC Dream Owners to Receive Free Upgrade to HTC Magic

Rogers-HTC-MagicEarly adopters of the HTC Dream on Rogers will be more than pleased to hear this news. It wasn’t that long ago Rogers announced the HTC Dream OS ‘will not be developed beyond the next Android 1.5 update’. I know if I had a Rogers Dream in-hand, I’d be seeing red. I mean, I didn’t join the Android ‘Revolution’ only to have my carrier stop OS updates on me! Not cool!

However, it looks like Rogers is trying to do their best to appease angry Dream owners. According to various reports, Rogers will at some point offer a free upgrade to the HTC Magic. The Magic WILL receive OS upgrades (namely Android 2.1!). In order to make the upgrade, current Dream owners will be required to sign-up for a new 3-year contract. Kind of sucks, I know, but this is nothing new for Rogers.

It’s important to note here that the reason the Dream can NOT make the upgrade to Android 2.1 is memory. There’s simply not enough memory on-board to make the upgrade possible.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but good on Rogers for providing the free upgrade. Hardware limitations and OS requirements are beyond Rogers’ control… So a *hat tip* goes out to them for providing Android users with a new device capable of handling the latest and greatest in Android goodness. We should hear more details on this one at some point this week. I’ll keep an eye out for more details as they emerge.

Any Dream owners out there? Your thoughts?

  • Jay

    What’s the deal with Rogers and Canadians in general not getting any paid apps with the Android platform? How does that happen?

    I don’t understand how Google can’t negotiate a deal with the carriers to get the goddamn paid apps going.

  • Kristen

    Jay: Download Market Enabler, it will allow you to see / buy paid apps. You can download the .apk of it from, and you can install it with AppsInstaller from the android market.

    As for Rogers ‘upgrading’ people to a Magic: some people prefer the hardware keyboard on the Dream, most people do not want to sign up for ANOTHER 3 year contract, and oh yes, Android 2.1 can run on the device fine – with a custom ROM like Cyanogenmod – I offer the service to root Dream/Magic’s and flash cyanogen for people here in Ottawa.

  • Athir

    Has anyone called up Rogers and confirmed this is actually happening? I don’t see it listed anywhere on their website.

    • Leslie Anne

      It is on the website… but you have to log in as a Dream owner to see it. It’s under “upgrade my phone”. I just went in and it said I couldn’t access that option because there is a hardware upgrade underway. The ETA for my replacement phone is early next week.

    • DavinRamcharran

      I just logged into my online Rogers account to pay my monthly bill, and checked to see if I was eligible for the free upgrade (I bought a Dream for $30 when I signed-on for a contract in September). I was surprised to see that I was eligible, and the whole process was free. At first, I thought it was a mistake, but after reading this article, I am over joyed at the thought of a new phone for free 😛
      According to my order, it should take about 8 days to ship to my house! Yipeee 🙂

  • Leslie Anne

    I’m a happy Dream owner! I ordered the Magic online and it’s really free, even the shipping. A possible insight into why Rogers is doing this came in the form of a text message from Rogers/Fido saying “URGENT 911 Calls: Please disable GPS location on your HTC Dream device to ensure all 911 calls complete. HTC is urgently working on a software upgrade and we will provide details shortly so you can re-enable GPS”. Now if this is true it means there is a hardware issue on the Dream that blocks some outgoing 911 calls – not good – and that might be hard to fix. If every Dream user trades it in for a Magic the problem is solved.
    Personally I’m very happy to be able to upgrade to 2.1 in a few months. Makes you almost want to give Rogers a hug – almost…

  • Ari

    Rogers has never been good about advertising these things, and I’ll be surprised if I call them today and I can get a straight answer out of the first three people I talk to. Ever since the Dream came out they’ve been either dodging direct questions or claiming outright ignorance. Personally I don’t think this is a good compromise, mainly for the a) hard keyboard and b) required contract renewal parts, but also because I haven’t been able to get a single Rogers CSR to answer the question of why we still haven’t gotten 1.6 (which has been tested and proven on the Dream) yet, never mind 2.1. This is enough to get me to seriously consider rooting the phone.

  • Kayla

    It is actually happening i called, though i will certainly be complaining, why should I have to renew a contract? nevermind renew contract why shoul di even be keeping this contract something is wrong with your phone.. and i have to switch phones.. i think not

    this is their way of sucking you into a better phone so they dont get in crap

  • Dylan

    As per previous posts, the inability to update due to space is malarkey. I am running Cyanogen just fine, furthermore HTC Dream owners on the TMobile network get along just as well. Its called the G1 there, but it is the same hardware.
    The Cyanogen I am running even uses the same radio image as Rogers. There is something more at work here. To me the Magic is NOT an upgrade, as I would lose my kbd.

  • Badgal4ever

    I am not impressed! I own a HTC Dream and I just installed the update. In order to do this I had to agree to lose all data I have collected over the last year. Rogers has let me down so many times to the extreme that I was really deciding to change my carrier. doing research to see if the issue was indeed Rogers and not HTC, I came across your page. Thank you!

    • Martin

      Another one of Misery’s Dream Children here

      Having just got off the phone with Rogers i can only say “bye bye Dirty Birdie”…. Today they actually forced all my calls from my Dream to go through to their call center in order to bring the 911 software update into play for me ( some might say how highly responsible of them…? or is this not a active breech of contract to provide a customer wireless service in a warped attempt to be seen to comply with E911 accessibility?

      In the hour long dialogue culminating at the ‘Office of the President” (That was a waste of time and title), the next step in the equation seems clear…

      1)No viable solution for backing up my contacts ( I’m a Mac user and apparently it can not be done– was this your case too?) . Lady actually suggested i hand write my contacts out!
      2) No offer of free upgrade…which would reasonably take care of issues 1 and 3 (they said I could get an early upgrade ONLY if I pay admin fee + cost for the New hardware of my choice)…(Yet others got FREE upgrade to Magic??? how comes?)
      3) An additional 3-5 days wait for a new SIM with the E911 software upgrade patch

      = No more Rogers in my life ( TV, Home internet and Mobile say hello to MA BELL). Unless of course they elect to take me to court for the cancellation fees of service,which i so will not be paying following their own breech of contract

      Check BELL website out …for basic TV + Home Phone + Internet + Mobile just under $100 in bundled service fees. And I get a 3Gs iphone for 199 with change to spare from the money i’m not paying on outstanding Rogers bills.

  • Annoyed

    I just updated my rogers dream and it looks the same.. my friend with a rogers magic did the update and got the Sense UI. Why is dream left out? I would have never chosen the dream over the magic if I would have known they will treat the phones so differently. Dream users got shafted.

  • Anglophile

    I work in a Rogers customer care call centre, and while it is true that we were offering a free upgrade for owners of certain Dream handsets, it applied to ones purchased within a limited range of dates. This upgrade, offered outside of the regular hardware upgrade programme, has been “temporarily put on hold” according to our knowlege tool- and Rogers have not provided any answers to enable CSR’s to give to the clients- when, if or how the upgrade will be continued. I suspect that the situation can be resolved with an OS upgrade, but we are as much in the dark as the clients about this.

  • meca

    They are doing something similar with the iphone on the web site it saids that i can upgrade and when I call customer rep, they tell me I have to wait until my to years.
    I think this is false advertisment and when I mentione to the rep, she brush me off pretty quick.

    any thought?

  • Mitcheal

    I just called Rogers about the Magic offer and it was only for a limited time – now you'll have to pay $135 plus sign up with 3 years contract… WTF! They did offer a Sony X10 for $185 (with 3 year contract)… better, but still SUCKS!

  • Izan

    just got off the phone with Rogers and they no longer offer the free Magic… will cost $135 and 3 years contract to get one – WTF! so I bitched and complained, but they wouldn't budge. They did also offer a Sony X10 for $185 (3 yrs)…

  • HTC dream is the crappiest phone I’ve ever had!!! I’m not getting any calls sometimes and my text messages are not coming in, It shows that I have full antenna. I have to reboot my phone about 10 times a day in order to receive calls because their software is incompatible I’ve called Rogers Several times they sent me so far 3 phones always the same Phone HTC Dream! And just lately I’ve called them and told them I don’t want an HTC Dream give me any smart phone the cheapest you have i don’t care but I’m not willing to pay when I already paid for this one and they refuse to replace my pone!!!

    Stay away from this Phone and Unfortunately I hate to bad mouth Rogers because they have always gave me great service but this is just the most frustrating.

  • christine

    Was wondering if anyone might no if i can receive a new phone, if i bought my phone last november just over the one year period.Its been nothing but problems and im so unhappy with this phone it works when it feels like working.Right now i cant even make calls out or receive any.please help

  • Tcomeau

    this is brutal.i need the 911 upgrade or something cause my internet is not working.also my htc dream phone is a nightmare.they are saying that we must purchase new this world is gone to nothing but scam scam scam .

  • Crap

    I still have my Dream and have been having nothing but nightmares with it since I received it. I was not informed of the replacement as my phone was provided by Rogers directly and not one of their stores. When I contacted Rogers they said too late and too bad and too sorry that you didn’t know about the offer. I have been a Rogers customer for the past 17 years and am counting down the days until I never have to deal with this company again. It is without a doubt the worst customer service experience I have had in my life.

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