Apple to launch next-generation iPhone 4G with dual-core processor in April?

CES 2010 has barely shuttered its doors for the year and we’re already seeing next-generation iPhone rumors coming to light. According to a report citing comments from South Korea’s KT execs, Apple’s upcoming iPhone successor could feature a removable battery, OLED display, video calling, and a new dual-core processor alongside upgraded graphics processing hardware. If true, we could see this feature-packed “iPhone 4G,” as it’s being called, hitting market as soon as April of this year. The expedited launch window would be a departure from Apple’s traditional mid-year launch of new iPhone hardware.

With advanced smartphones like Google’s Nexus One – Google wants you to call it a “superphone,” by the way – giving Apple a serious run for its money, it makes sense that Apple wants to launch their high-profile iPhone 4G as soon as possible. KT officials have apparently said that they want to fast-track the launch of the iPhone 4G to offer an alternative to high-powered smartphones powered by Google’s Android operating system.

The rumored feature-set of the iPhone 4G is everything we’d hoped for in a next-gen iPhone. The higher-resolution OLED display should go a long way in competing with smartphones outfitted with 3.7-inch and 4-inch high-res displays from the likes of HTC and Motorola. The removable battery is something that iPhone users have been clamoring for ever since the original iPhone landed on US shores – an Apple patent application bodes well for a removable battery. And, while supposed Android “superphones” like the Nexus One tout 1Ghz Snapdragon processors, this new iPhone 4G might just come to market toting a latest generation of ARM Cortex A9 dual-core processor capable of clock speeds in excess of 2Ghz. That’s going to make for an iPhone that’s not just fast, it’ll have more processing power than laptops of just a handful of years ago! There have also been some rumors of the next iPhone sporting some sort of RFID/NFC technology and support for 802.11n WiFi.

We’ve already seen leaks of the next iPhone’s alleged SIM card tray and midboard, now we just need leaks of the iPhone itself! The next-gen iPhone is supposedly already in production, after all.

[Via: KoreaTimes]

  • jerry

    I hope you’re right.

    (That thing’s going to have enough processing power to run my flying car!)

  • Apple Fannatic

    Been waiting for a while for the plans on the iPhone to come down here in Canada, but with this phone I will more then likely take the step of buying one. If I can do half as much as my macbook pro I will be happy with this phone. I also waited as my cell-phone is my only phone so battery life has to be up to snuff. Can’t wait for April.

  • Twinpeaked

    A little optimistic. Yes 2010 is crunch time for Apple with regard to keeping osx relevant and up to date. We also know that they would only endevour with requires updates such as multitasking if the hardware was completely on top of the task. But cortex A9 won’t be mainstream for ages.

    and removable battery?, which crack pipe was your source smoking?

  • Jasper

    I have owned every single iPhone since it was introduced and one thing I know for certain from owning all of them is that Apple will NOT depart severely from what works for them. They will add one or two things to the next iPhone and that will be it. Of course, I, like the rest of the world, hope they will do more than that as this article has stated. The ONLY thing that has kept the iPhone alive is not the multi-touch screen nor the processor, it is iTunes and the App store. If a company comes up with something that rivals iTunes the downfall of iPhone (and maybe even Apple) is assured.

  • goosh

    I have to agree with Jasper’s comment. If I have to bet, Apple will do three things (two being major). First, they will be add the faster processor. Second, higher resolution screen, but I kind of doubt they will use OLED. OLED tends not to do well in sunlight. With that said, Apple will most likely wait till the technology is improved. Lastly, is a minor tweak of the design and probably use better materials. As for video calling, I really doubt this will make it. As for 4G, not this time. The US is still struggling with 3G…

  • dardanian

    the next iphone 4G will shock the world once again: dual-core 2GHz processor, OLED screen, 5MP cam, VGA-front cam, 64GB internal storage, build in FM radio, FM transmitter maybe?, wi-fi n, etc.

    the only downfall will probably be the lack of flash support. oh well i’m leaving nokia and getting this for sure!

  • dardanian

    i forgot.. it will also get a software revamp to support multi-tasking!! yey that’s the only thing that was holding me back!

  • Candi

    @Jasper…I agree with you comment. I truly hope, like the rest of the world, they will do more than that as this article has stated. Maybe I will finally invest in one of there cell phones.

  • Steve

    From what I’ve heard, the Nexus One is not a better phone overall than the 3GS. If you rely on Google Voice, then the Nexus is a game changer. I think Apple is starting to feel the heat from Android in general, even if Android doesn’t have the power of the App Store behind it. We should welcome the competition as pushing Apple to stop delaying next gen devices.

  • Jan Dooley

    Apple wouldn’t be feeling ANY heat from it’s competitors if it would be smart enough to offer it on any carrier than AT&T!! Look at the coverage maps, Apple, and get the market you are missing!! Verizon at least gives ALMOST everyone a shot at getting and iPhone! I wouldn’t have to “settle for less” than the best if you hadn’t locked into AT&T. And i’ve been a loyal appler since your start! Shame on you. Exclusivity and Apple put together is an oxymoron!

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