Voalte One iPhone app/solution improves communication in hospitals

Voalte One iPhone app/solution

It’s all about the healthcare these days in the U.S., hence we’re bringing your related mobile story. A company called Voalte has developed an iPhone app/service called Voalte One, which they tout as the unified communication solution that combines phone calls across the hospital PBX, text messaging via a visual user directory and user-friendly alarm management. As a result, caregivers are able to receive and respond to alarms dispatched by over 200 hospital systems and devices, thus workflow is more optimized and patient satisfaction and safety improved.

And Voalte already has a first client – Huntington, which is the first hospital to get the system after it was trialed at Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Florida.

Nurses unsurprisingly like the idea of carrying a single device rather than several and were especially enthused about the communication features — texting another nurse was noted to be much easier than roaming from room to room or having them paged overhead.

At Huntington, Voalte received similar praise: “We were all very impressed with how the Voalte phones improved communication on our unit,” said Eunie Lee, RN. “With voice capability, prioritized alarm alerts, and text messages all available on one device, it has streamlined and simplified communication between staff members. Voalte allows us to focus on nursing care with fewer interruptions. It has been a great asset to our unit.”

In a nutshell, it’s not an app/service for everyone, but it’s another proof iPhone (and other smartphones for that matter) has its place across various industries…

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