iPhone Apps for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics: NBC Olympics on AT&T

This one is especially groovy for anyone living in the US. The NBC Olympics on AT&T app is totally free, and delivers all of the latest Olympic news to you on your iPhone, as it happens. There’s a definite US ‘flavor’ to the app, with particular attention given to US news and athletes. If you’re an American, this is your ideal app companion and guide while the games are going on!

Pop it open and you’ll instantly be greeted with the latest news, great videos, and much more. Use it to monitor medal counts, or perhaps check NBC’s coverage schedule to see what events are coming up on the ‘ol tube. Browse athlete bios, learn about the games, or share content via Facebook and Twitter.

This one is sadly getting mixed reviews in the App Store, but if you crave the American perspective on the games as they happen, the NBC Olympic App is certainly worth your time. Check out the NBC Olympics on AT&T App in the App Store (iTunes link).

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