TAT takes Android home replacements to the next level

Taking a few cues from HTC’s Sense user interface, the guys over at The Astonishing Tribe have put a nice twist on the Android home screen look and feel. With large, live widgets running across all screens, in a slick, seemingly easy to use 3D interface, TAT Home stands a great chance to get a decent amount of adoption.

At the moment, it is not known if software will be solely a home replacement, or if it could be used as a stand alone application. The option to give the user a choice would be a smart idea, as some home replacements are less intuitive to get into deeper system settings. It is also unknown if TAT Home will be sold through the Android Market, or if it will be given to carriers or manufacturers to use at their disposal. In any case, if I cannot some how buy, or hack the Sense UI onto my Nexus One, TAT Home would be my next choice.

Check out the video to see more on the Gesture-filled, widgetfest.

[Via: Gizmodo]

  • Jerry, Nairobi

    Totally awesome!

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