HTC Sense ROM for Nexus One now available

Fancy HTC Sense for your rooted Nexus One? Well, an early alpha ROM is now available online to let you do just that! Almost like the Nexus One getting root before the official launch, in less than a week from being announced, we already have an HTC Desire ROM for the Nexus One. Android development seems to be speeding up rather quickly, to everyone’s benefit.

Since this is an alpha rom, it’s not completely suggested to run out and root your Nexus One for it. After that disclaimer, it must be said that Sense runs very smooth and most of everything functions properly. Flash is also in the ROM, but it is not Flash 10.1, as others have said. It is only flash lite 4, and only certain things will work like online ads and YouTube,  so you’re out luck if you’d like to watch Hulu on your device.  The ROM went from an alpha version 5 to an alpha version 7 in a matter of hours, so updating now could cause some frustration when it’s entirely possible that a much better version come out with in hours of you finally set your device up. Paul is obviously working very hard.

Now that we have a decent ROM out – and as better, non pre-production system dumps are leaked – the possibility of having HTC’s Sense UI as the intuitive homescreen software on your Nexus One could be right around the corner.

[Via: Android.Modaco ]

  • just some dude

    This rom sure sucks the battery life out of the N1. cant wait for flash 10 to come out and be ported over.

  • sn

    Hi can sum1 tell me if i5700 spica can get a htc sense ui

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