Rogers Planning ‘Mid-Year’ Upgrade to Android 2.1 on the HTC Magic+

After posting news that Rogers has rebranded the HTC Magic as the Magic+, I was promptly contacted by a rep at Rogers giving me a little insight on their plans with the ‘new’ device. Turns out they are planning an upgrade to version 2.1 of Android by ‘mid-year’. After some brief prodding I was unable to obtain any other details, but I think we can assume it’ll bring most, if not all of the Android 2.0 goodness we’d expect to see. Sense UI will no doubt be part of the package, which, for my money, is far and away the best way to experience Android.

I’ll keep checking in with Rogers regarding the upgrade for the Magic+, so hold tight. One of these days it’d be nice to have some release details for the upgrade to Android 2.1… ‘Mid-Year’ is a little too vague for my liking.

Stay tuned for more.

  • Bla1ze

    Personally, mid year is BS…they need to roll that out NOW…they can do it. Rogers is just being lame as usual with their upgrade procedures.

    Their mess with the Magic was laughable..patching an issue that was KNOWN for a loooong time just so they could roll users onto a locked down version of 1.5 so they couldn’t even upgrade to a what is supposed to be open source OS. Granted, they gave Magic users sense UI and upgraded Dream users (with contract extension) but still, lame azz move on Rogers part.

    All this BS comes at a time when they really should be catering to their Android users rather then alienating them with their BS. In case Rogers forgot, TELUS has the Hero and the MILESTONE…all of which can be upgraded to higher OS’ then what they are offering. Sure the Hero comes with 1.5 and Sense UI but it’s not locked down from user initiated upgrades. Rogers just needs to buck up and give users what they want. Sorry for my rant, I just want Rogers to stfu and be the dumb pipe we all want them to be.

  • Calluna

    🙁 I really want this to roll out now.

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