IM+ All-In-One Mobile Messenger ‘Lite’ Now Available for BlackBerry

SHAPE Services, developers of the popular IM+ All-In-One Mobile Messenger for BlackBerry have released a new version. The latest edition is a ‘Lite’ version, which of course, is absolutely FREE for you to download and use! If you’ve never used IM+ before, it allows you to go on MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, Jabber, Google Talk, Facebook, Skype, even Twitter (and many more) all from one spot on your BlackBerry.

The main difference you’ll notice in the ‘Lite’ version is paid advertisements. Not a bad deal in exchange for the free app. If you can put up with some ads in your face, it’s not a bad trade-off.

I should note that the paid version of IM+ also supports push notifications AND speech recognition (adding speech recognition is a $1.99 subscription). Some users swear by the speech subscription, and most others wouldn’t be caught dead without push notifications. Just a heads’ up, as those may be features you’ll require.

Long story short, if you’ve heard about IM+ for awhile now and have never tried it out, the very free ‘Lite’ version may be just what you were waiting for (and didn’t even know it).

To get started, hit up from your BlackBerry web browser. Click the BlackBerry link and you’ll find IM+ Lite for BlackBerry readily available for download and installation. Different versions are available for OS 4.2.1 all the way through OS 5.0. Enjoy!

[Via: BerryReview]

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