Archos Android Phone tablet may be scrapped

Early last fall, we caught a glimpse of the Archos Phone Tablet. Expected to be officially revealed at CES earlier this year, the handset never materialized on the floor. Has it been put on the back burner? Or has it been scrapped all together?

Promised to run Android OS, sport a 1GHz ARM cortex processor, and a very generous 4.3” (854 x 480) display, the device looked like a phone that we’d love to get out sticky gadget-loving paws on. With a slick design, mimicking the Archos 5 tablet, the Phone Tablet would have been just about 10mm thick. The only other specs on the phone we actually have is that it will be 3.5G enabled for blazing high-speed wireless data speeds. Up to snuff with the likes of the HD2,and the upcoming Supersonic, the Archos Phone Tablet seems like a dream. That is, if it ever makes it to the market.

Well, apparently the device may have already been shelved. CEO Henri Crohas stated that the device would never make it to market without the support of “two senior operators.” The initial was expected launch in the first quarter of this year,  but things are starting to look somewhat grim. It looks like the goal has yet to be met, and we will be impatiently be awaiting the device to get into the hands of the people – even in prototype form.

What could be the cause? Maybe Archos is really putting it on the back burner until these ‘senior operators’ appear, and are now focusing on their family of tablets. Earlier this year, at CES, Archos revealed it’s already well-known about Archos 9 PC Tablet and more recently, Archos introduced two new Android tablets. Maybe if they do the tablet thing well, we won’t be so upset if we never actually see the Archos Phone Tablet see the light of day. Or not.

[Via: LesMobiles ]

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