Icera demos dual-mode LTE/HSPA soft modem; World’s first!

UK­-based Icera is all proud to announce they are the first baseband chipset company that managed to demonstrate a dual-mode LTE/HSPA modem running on a commercial USB data stick. For the project, Icera worked with Anite and Rohde & Schwarz, which provided test equipment and support for the demo.

The trick is in using high performance processor coupled with a soft modem, which was reprogrammed for the purpose. As a result, savings could be made as there are no additional silicon costs.

Commenting on the achievement, Icera’s Steve Allpress said: “Icera’s soft modem technology enables us to be consistently ahead of the competition with modem innovations that are providing continuous competitive advantage to our customers. Unlike any other baseband technology, Icera executes the entire modem in software on a specific high performance processor. This approach provides a unique flexibility to maintain a lead in modem performance, optimizing network capacity at no additional silicon cost.”

[Via: CellularNews]

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