Following Google acquisition, reMail goes open source

There’s some good news if you want to create an e-mail application for the iPhone but don’t want to start from scratch. After being acquired by Google last month, reMail has made its code open source.

“As someone who is passionate about mobile e-mail, my hope is that developers interested in making e-mail-related apps can use reMail code as a starting point,” reMail said in its blog. “Part of the reason e-mail apps are hard is because you have to pay the tax of figuring out how to download e-mail via IMAP, parse MIME messages, handle attachments, and store data. reMail has already solved these problems.”

The reMail app was a pretty solid mobile e-mail program and it’s too bad it has been pulled from the App Store. At least this way, we can get the same functionality in other apps.¬†Have at it developers.

[Via reMail]

  • OhhJohnny

    Yeah, Google just wanted the talent anyways. This could mean the Android mail experience could get a lot better.

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