Get Swype for Android right now

Swype is making its interesting touchscreen keyboard available to select Android users in a limited beta.

If you don’t know, Swype was created by the guy who invented T9 and it’s trying to be a new way for text input on touchscreen displays. Instead of clicking on letters, you swipe your finger in a continuous motion over the letters you want. The software quickly recognizes what you’re trying to write (even if you misspell it), and you can use the traditional tapping method if you prefer.

Originally, the company’s business model was licensing the technology to vendors, but leaked versions have hit Android and it’s clear there’s some interest from consumers. You can now sign up for the beta and try it out for yourself. The beta won’t be as full-featured as one that comes integrated from a handset maker, there will be limited customer support, and you can only use it if you have devices with HVGA and WVGA resolutions.

I signed up for Swype and put it on the Motorola Devour for my touchscreen keyboard needs. There’s definitely a learning curve because I’ve been conditioned to quickly tap the letters I want. I found it takes about two days of nominal use to get the hang of Swype and once it learns your tendencies and frequently-used words, it is a blast to use.  Check out the demo video below and try it out for yourself and let us know how you like it.

[Via Phonescoop]

  • Matt

    Uninstall the “leaked” version before installing the beta version. Works slick.

  • Marin Perez

    Yeah, I’m surprised at how fluid it is and how much I like it.

  • Jean

    I purchased the slide it keyboard. I fell in love with it from the start. It is working without problems on my Nexus One.
    Have you try it?
    I have tried them both, and I’m Still amazed how much quicker SlideIT is then Swype.

  • jeo Garcia

    Want the swype for android

  • hmmm

    How do you write double letters? like in "leTTers"? Do you tap?

    • steve

      you just make a little squiggle on top of the letter and then move on

  • @jerzeycrazi

    is the swype available for the motorola i1

  • melissaa

    um, i downloaded swype to my mytouch & when i tried using it, it said “Your trial has ended, get the new copy of your swype” how do i download the new one?

  • Ryan Brook

    is swype still available now, and where from?

  • Cav719

    SlideIT Keyboard is better than swype. It isn’t a lame temporary trial and you can create your own dictionary. It supports many languages too. It even has speech recognition button if u need to text without typing.

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