AT&T Nexus One already having issues

The Nexus One may have some top of the line specifications in place, but that sure doesn’t stop it from having a hefty amount of issues. From 3G connections, to multi-touch issues, there’s clearly something wrong with the hardware, but it’s manageable. Looks like a new issue has surfaced with the AT&T Nexus One, as the color saturation is off. Way off.

The guys over at BGR seemed to be the first to catch on to this, but when put side by side, the color balance on the T-mobile Nexus One seems more on point than the AT&T version. Now we know not everyone viewing the picture is not blue/violet colorblind, so maybe it was to HTC employee that was in charge of color balance? In either case, there is clearly something different between the two, but it may not affect too many people. Hell, some people may not even notice unless someone who has the T-mobile version holds them side by side.

Just throw this amongst the growing list of issues that the Nexus One has going for it. Maybe it’s a way to keep it unique. Maybe the Verizon and Sprint versions will have completely different problems that the other Nexus One’s don’t. That’s what we’ve come to expect from Android, isn’t it? Every different phone has a sort of uniqueness, good or bad. Maybe the Verizon version can come with a broken screen, right out of the box, and the Sprint version could have a problem with connecting to WiFi, just to mix it up a bit.

The color saturation issue seems like an easy software fix, hopefully. If this is the beginning of many more hardware issues though, hopefully they will just give up and start sending out Nexus Two’s, or Desires in their place. Please, Google?

[Via: BGR]

  • Ungcc

    Wow, the person that wrote this is an idiot!!

  • allyriane

    Where is that wallpaper from? Is it an app? I don’t have it on my phone’s selection. Perhaps that’s the “problem”.

    Or are you saying AT&T received a bunch of jacked up phones for their particular network just like people say Walmart gets jacked up defective electronics from major companies like Sony.

    This makes no sense. And don’t say “amongst” in the USA please. It’s pretentious.

  • Mark

    Article is yet another troll.

  • karl

    useless article. what are the “hefty amouont of issues”. You mention 2 things but fail to elaborate. Thanks for wasting my time toolbag!

    I wish i could punch this article, you suck!

  • Ahmed Eltawil

    I agree, this guy hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about.

  • Aintlion

    I got mine a week ago I did not experience that at all.

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